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Prof. Dr. Peter F. Titzmann


Research Areas

  • Development in childhood and adolescence
  • Immigration and acculturation
  • Cross-cultural developmental psychology
  • Social relationships in adolescence
  • Delinquency
  • Cross-cultural and quantitative research methods

Research Interests

The focus of my research is on the development of children and adolescents with a migration background and the interplay between normative development and migration-related adaptation. I studied this interplay in various projects. Some examples:

  • The development and application of a new instrument to assess specific acculturation-related hassles of adolescent immigrants in Israel and Germany, which can add to the normative age-related demands of growing up
  • Research on adolescent delinquency and whether it is predicted by the same or different factors among immigrant vs. native adolescents
  • The identification of factors that help downgrading the rather normative tendency to form friendships with individuals from the same culture or ethnicity
  • The longitudinal and comparative assessment of autonomy expectations in immigrant and native adolescents to learn more about the interplay of developmental (autonomy) and acculturation-related (cultural adaptation to the receiving society) processes
  • The study of mother-adolescent dyads in immigrant and native families, which showed processes of role reversal and status imbalances in immigrant families as well as related developmental outcomes